Conquering Biggest, Yet most beautiful fear – Child birth

Ready to face my most biggest, yet beautiful fear.

“To find heaven on Earth is to live your life at the same frequency as your being – pure love and joy.”

—Rhonda Byrne

My mind will be my biggest test. Body just do the rest.

Exciting is an understatement.

Every minute of every day is an unexpected joyride. A smooth yet phenomenal ride.
Filled with hormones, pure love, extreme exhaustion, thoughts of food and sleep consuming your mind All the time!

The way we’re connecting already.

We already know by not knowing, you want our full and undivided attention. Especially when I’m trying to get some online work done.
You are strong and fit, we can tell by your kickboxing skills -since 19 weeks already busy making your mark in my tummy – little yoga baby..
You love massage – any part of the body.
You like the sweeter things in life, I crave every day.
You don’t like to be put pressure on, in any type of way. I’m not even able to sleep on my side…
You like your space and comfort..who doesn’t?
32 weeks in… Only bliss so far.


This thought always bothered me.

To be able to make my own choices and provide the best environment for you to receive passage to this world, I am most grateful for… That’s why I waited ‘so long’ as people say.

The very reason this has been my one of my biggest fears. Such a natural thing, that conventional methods have made so daunting because of the few choices we have to let it happen.

I’m so disappointed in my visit to clinics, left me with unsettling feelings each time I decided to go. Only because we refuse to waste time and money on professionals that really just rip you off and can be very deceiving. The pure ignorance of people – just believing in their own opinions, left me speechless but more motivated every time.

How did you always want to have your child be born? The same way that we have always known? This thought ALWAYS bothered me.

Six almost seven years ago I decided to take the road less traveled. The road of loneliness, where no one really wants to support you or want anything to do with.
Entrepreneurship. Being your own boss. Fend for yourself. Build your own empire.

Until today, still frowned upon. People’s perceptions of how you choose to live your life. Waiting for you to fail.

Meditation is key.

Well, today I am so glad and utterly happy for making those choices. So I can make more informed choices and set my scared (controlling) mind at ease. Facing the most biggest beautiful fear on earth, the way I want to.

I chose to not go the conventional route, no hospitals, medical interventions, no egos, no hostile environment, no fear of the unknown. I chose a water birth with the help a brilliant midwife, also practicing hypno-birthing allowing my mind and body to do what nature intended.

A peaceful, tranquil,  calming passage through water into this world. (We’re always hoping for the best) The same values I would love to continue instilling into our little being. Meditation is key.

To wake up every day and give you all my attention and time will be my priority until kingdom come. That’s ultimately what we work for. To not be dictated by a company about having ‘maternity leave’ and doing things on someone else’s time, but on our own time. Already giving you our most precious commodity…time.

My mind will be my biggest test. Body just do the rest.

I am so privileged to enjoy a relaxing, pregnancy. With absolutely no unpleasant symptoms that most mom-to-be’s  experience. The usual over tiredness is the only thing I can relate to, and the obvious growing pains that inevitably take your body over, that prepares you for bringing life into this world.

I take my hat off to woman that still have full-time jobs, single woman that do it on their own. This is really something amazing to be able to do, I just wish more woman can do it on their own terms.

As I’m lying here, writing this – I can feel you move, expanding every minute – ready to introduce us to brand new possibilities, a force to be reckon with. Exciting!

The two of us will soon become three. Promise to take you on all our adventures…up the highest mountains. You already have ‘fomo’, fear of missing out.

Ready to face this fear of child birth. The most beautiful fear of all time. I believe everything will go the way I wish it will go. My mind will be my biggest test. Body just do the rest.

I wish to continue sharing my child birth experience with all of you and be an example of how we can empower ourselves to make the right decisions that align with our core believes, whatever it may be. But also keep an open mind for new more rewarding possibilities that can make this world a better place to live in, and teach the ones coming after us.

I would love to hear your child birth story! Stay connected.

Olivia On Earth


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