Discover complete Magic of Grabouw, Elgin – South Africa, Cape Town

Experience Magical Grabouw, Elgin in Western Cape – South Africa!

Of all the majestic places in the South of Africa, I chose to share my experience with you of the amazing valley of Elgin, where I grew up for 20 years of my life.

The interesting history that makes up the farming industry, Grabouw is most famous for its apples and pears as well as the well-known soft drink Appletizer and in the recent years the area has become a well-respected wine growing region.

At the Country club in Grabouw, Elgin

Something Spectacular to See in Nature..

Mountain ranges and nature reserves that surrounds the area give lots of options for endless outdoor activities or just tranquil things to do, makes for an exquisite getaway.

Today, the town is a popular holiday and adventure destination and its proximity to Cape Town and Cape Town International have made it an accessible getaway for both international and local South African residents.

Come to the Elgin Valley, Grabouw. This is really the place to immerse yourself in the kind of spectacular country living the whole family will approve of!

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